The LifeWings PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP LAB is the Blueprint for all current and aspiring physician leaders that want to..

Create Operational Excellence in Safety, Quality and Efficiency



This multi-month experiential training curriculum equips physicians with the skills to become effective leaders in team care settings.


Each physician participant undertakes a course project that allows him or her to directly apply the skills acquired in the Lab in a real-world environment, including in his or her own local clinical setting, to improve quality, safety, efficiency and cost reduction.


Participants earn 30 CME hours*


Physicians will:

  • Develop a strategic vision for the desired "future state" of your organization

  • Design metrics that document success

  • Learn to follow a proven and systematic action plan for sustainable performance improvement 

  • Identify barriers to change and how to overcome those barriers

  • Create a culture of accountability

  • Successfully coach low performers in the workplace

  • Implement and lead others in the scientific methods for improving processes 

  • Earn a Certificate in Healthcare Change Management 


Roadmap to Creating Sustainable Change in your Organization

Download this free resource

(This is a simple but comprehensive checklist for the action steps leaders must take to create sustainable performance improvements in their organization. It will give you a preview of what you’ll learn in the Leadership Lab. )