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One-on-One Coaching

Develop the leadership skills you need to create measurable, sustainable results for your organization.


Unlimited 20-minute coaching calls for one year.


Scheduled at your convenience and your pace - as fast or slow as you want to go.


Become an Expert in

Leading Change

70% of all change initiatives fail. Learn how to successfully lead change from experts that have led over 225 successful projects.

Create a High-Performing Organizational Culture

Culture is not just one aspect of the leadership game - it is the game. You'll learn a proven process to intentionally and prescriptively create the culture that will support and sustain your results.


Master Process Improvement

Standard processes, protocols, algorithms, and checklists are the engine of sustainable change. Learn how to lead the use of scientific process improvement with A3 Problem Solving, Value Stream Maps, & Training Within Industry.

How it Works


Conduct a 60-Minute Diagnostic & Planning Call

We'll jointly explore your Desired Future State, select an improvement project to reach it, determine how to measure success, identify the barriers, and create a customized coaching plan to get real results.

Take a Short Scientific Assessment of Your Judgment

Using the Judgment Index, scientifically uncover strengths and weaknesses. You'll understand any performance gaps and we'll map out the coaching plan to close them.


Conduct Unlimited 20-Minute Coaching Calls

Work at a pace that fits your schedule, workload, and lifestyle. Each coaching call will give you the knowledge and skill to achieve the next action step.

What’s My Investment?


Unlimited 20-minute coaching calls

Money-back guarantee

12 months of unlimited expert, personalized leadership coaching for $84 per month


A message from Coach Steve...

I believe everyone is created in God's image and therefore has - with the right coaching, inspiration, and motivation - the ability to succeed, to achieve, and to do worthwhile work that makes a "dent in the universe."


Helping others become their best self is what makes me tick, and has defined my life's work.

While serving as a Captain for FedEx, I co-founded Crew Training International, Inc. (CTI). CTI grew to be the world's largest provider of teamwork and communications skills training for military flight squadrons. The coaching, training, and mentoring programs built into our products helped produce the greatest improvement in aircraft safety in U.S. Air Force history. Thousands of military pilots around the world benefited from our training.


In my role as the founder, Chairman, and CEO of LifeWings Partners LLC, I helped coach leaders in over 225 health care organizations around the world lead change initiatives to eliminate patient harm, improve quality, and drive out waste and inefficiency in their patient care processes. LifeWings provided me the opportunity to train and coach over 20,000 administrators, physicians, nurses, and staff.


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the leaders in a healthcare institution achieve zero patient harm, create a great working environment, and improve patient care quality measures with the help of our coaching and training.

My fire and passion to see others become their best continues to burn bright. I share what I've learned about personal and organizational excellence around the world in conferences, workshops, presentations, and group and one-on-one coaching sessions. I've authored, or co-authored, three books on patient safety, written hundreds of articles and newsletters, and designed over 40 separate training programs for commercial aviation, military flight squadrons, heavy construction, military contractors, and health care.

My coaching philosophies are based on years of personal experience providing performance-on-demand in high-stress, high-consequence endeavors where the penalty for failure can be catastrophic. The coaching content draws from lessons learned as a: 

  • Fighter pilot, TOPGUN instructor preparing the best-of-the-best for combat operations, and a pilot currently flying a technologically challenging, high-performance aircraft where discipline and rigor applied to standard processes are life and death

  • Captain for an international airline pilot managing complex systems, in a structured environment of standard operating procedures and crew coordination driven by excellent team dynamics are critical for success

  • Life-long competitor and trainer in shooting sports and predator control where mastery of mental focus and rehearsal, risk management, and performance under stress are essential everyday requirements

  • Coach and trainer for leaders in high-risk healthcare such as perioperative services in trauma, transplant, cardiac, and neuro, and others such as emergency medicine, perinatal, and critical care  


After 40 years of providing high performance under stress in high-consequence industries, it is more clear than ever to me now that if you want a better organization (or life, or marriage, or partnership, or team...) you must become a better version of yourself.


Nothing is more satisfying to me than being part of making that happen for you.

Steve Harden


Leaders Get Results, LLC

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